niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012

[D/L][WIP]FlutterShy SniperRifle V.2

This is "beta" of FlutterShy Sniper Rifle, i want to make a better HD texture for this model...So, this is still WiP but you can download it :D Enjoy!


środa, 2 maja 2012

[WIP]FlutterShy Sniper Rifle

This is BETA FlutterShy Sniper Rifle, model from Stalker... It's piece of shit, but i want to use Another model, and HD Texture, this is only " 3d concept art".

niedziela, 15 kwietnia 2012

[WIP]Polish Anti-Terrorist

Okey, i was bored, so i maked this skin. This is simple retexture of original SWAT model in GTA:SA. I have Polish Policemans, Polish Police Sirens, So i decided to make "Polish Swat" Too. here is it:

This is Super Pro Pre-Beta of this skin, and i know its looking funny but i want to make it more "realistic" becouse now, it's looking like shit made by kid in Paint. And sorry for this counter, i forget to disable it XD

niedziela, 20 listopada 2011

Slytherin Quiddith Suit?

Yo. I dont have time to make other textures, but now, I want to make GOOD suit, for Quiddith :-) you now, Quiddith is this game from Harry Potter XD i think only about Slytherin version, and i dont allow to make any other fuckin version of this suit,
But...i dont make it, its in "progress" now.
I dont know how to make a models to Gmod, but i found one model on to Counter Strike: Source, and i have edit it ;D Soo...Check this blog every day, if i will finish this, you find it here :-) See Ya :D

niedziela, 23 października 2011

Another Version: COMBINE OMON

New version of Combine Omon skin. Damn, i must remove combine logo from Arm.  I completly forgot about it... Okey here is screenshot:

środa, 28 września 2011


I make this texture becouse i get bored :D
Its fucked up, i wanna make it better if i will had a time, sooo...

Its russian Omoh soldier, its only black camo, dark blue shoes and yellow Text but as i say, its fucked up.
No way i will never give this shit to the world! :D